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Quadav’s proclivity for long spans of study and concentration makes them natural geomancers.

Prerequisite(s): Quadav, geomancer.


Quadavs can augment their geomancer spell-casting through the use of precious and semiprecious gemstones as additional material components (see Table: Quadav Gem Magic below). The gems are destroyed in the process, granting the spell the listed effects in addition to its normal effects unless otherwise noted. Only one instance of quadav gem magic can be applied to a spell at a time; excess expended gems do not stack. The quadav must be able to cast the listed spells to gain the effect.

Table: Quadav Gem Magic
Spell/Spell-Like Ability Effect Cost
Binding Earth +1 damage; +1 to DC of Strength checks Garnet worth 50 gil.
Binding Earth, Mass As binding earth augmentation, affecting all targets of the augmented spell Garnets worth 250 gil.
Clashing Rocks +1 damage per damage die Emeralds worth 1,500 gil.
Earth Rupture +2 Reflex save DC in whatever application the spell is used; area increases to 100-foot-radius shapeable spread Jet worth 500 gil.
Elemental Body I-IV Duration increases to 10 minutes/level. Amber worth 250 gil for elemental body I, +100 gil per spell level for greater versions.
Elemental Swarm Earth elementals summoned gain the advanced simple template (this does not stack with the Augment Summoning feat) Rubies worth 1,200 gil.
Frigid Touch +1 Dexterity damage Aquamarine worth 250 gil.
Meld into Stone Can bring up to 200 pounds of equipment with you; you can see as normal out of the stone Peridots worth 150 gil.
Shifting Sand Move area of sands up to 15 feet as a move action Turquoise worth 125 gil.
Soften Earth and Stone Creatures can move only at a quarter their normal speed (minimum 5 feet) in areas of mud and loose dirt Fluorite worth 100 gil.
Spike Stones +1 piercing damage; spikes deal 1 point of bleed damage Topaz worth 300 gil.
Stone Fist Increase unarmed strike damage by one step Sard or sardonyx worth 25 gil.
Stone Shape Shapes that include moving parts have only 5% chance of not working Opal worth 250 gil.
Stoneskin The cost of this spell’s expensive material component can be reduced or increased to affect the spell’s power accordingly. With reduced components, the spell grants DR 10/silver (instead of adamantine); with increased components, the spell absorbs 15 points of damage per caster level before it’s discharged Diamonds worth 150 gil (reduced); diamonds worth 500 gil (increased).
Wall of Stone Wall is 1 inch thick per 3 caster levels. Sapphire worth 400 gil.