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Operator Style

By using the centrifugal force of arcing strikes to make powerful maneuvers, this style is popular among Soldiers of all ranks or from talented mercenaries that worked with Shinra.

Prerequisite(s): Base Attack Bonus of +1, Weapon Focus with a single one-handed or two handed weapon.


When assuming this style (which is a swift action), you must be wielding a one-handed or two handed melee weapon that weighs 5 pounds or more and must be the selected weapon of Weapon Focus. Every time you miss a melee attack roll, you get a +1 Competence bonus to your next attack roll until the end of your next turn (this stacks up to a maximum of +5). In addition, you can add the Base weight of your weapon as a circumstance bonus to your CMD (up to your character level) against Bull rush, Trip, and Overrun maneuvers. You cannot gain these benefits with two weapon fighting.