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You can channel the energies of an elemental spell you know to augment an ally’s strike.

Prerequisite(s): Able to cast 1st level or higher spells of the elemental school or proficiency with held weapon


Whenever an ally within 30 feet of you that possesses this teamwork feat declares intent to attack a target with their weapon (before they roll for attack), you may channel the energies of a spell you know that belongs to the elemental school (thereby expending the requisite MP as if casting normally) to augment their next attack with additional elemental damage as an immediate action. The type of elemental damage depends on the elemental branch of the channeled spell, with the amount of extra damage being equal to 1d6 per spell level of the spell (ex: channeling the Flare spell would add 6d6 fire damage to an ally’s attack).

The extra damage granted from this teamwork feat is not multiplied on a confirmed critical hit, and it bypasses spell resistance.

A weapon can only benefit from one Magicked Strike effect at a time, with the effect being expended if the attack misses.