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Max Charged

Price +5 bonus; Aura strong elemental; CL 18th; Weight —


Power Weapons that are enhanced with further magic, amplifying their elemental damage. When this is applied to a Power Weapon, increase the amount of dice by 5 (1d6 becomes 6d6). In the case of multi-rods and multi-staffs, the enchanter must choose which element is increased. These extra dice are not multiplied on a critical hit.

These special qualities function as a magic weapon bonus, and so count against the maximum allowance, however, they do not require a +1 enhancement to be applied. An enchanter may upgrade previous versions to the higher tier versions (Double to Triple) though they must still affect the same element.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells Bright, Burn, Crush, Drown, Freeze, Gloom, Shock, or SliceCost +5 bonus