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Price 8,000 gil; Slot ring; CL 4th; Weight —; Aura moderate elemental (fire)


A red-steel ring with a flame symboled emblazoned on its front.


While worn this ring adds +1d6 points of fire damage to melee and ranged weapon attacks. 

Weapon Types: These rings confer the bonus damage to unarmed strikes and natural weapons. Firearms, gunblades, bows, crossbows, and slings bestow the elemental energy upon their ammunition, Power Weapons apply the extra damage to their projectiles.

Elemental Rings: These rings stack their elemental damage with other effects such as Weapon Special Ability (Flaming), L2 Materia (Fire Materia), Class Feature bonus (Like Elemental Fury of Monk Ki Power). All stack together (4d6 fire or equivalent energy damage).


Cost 4,000 gil; Feats Forge RingSpells Fire