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Price +5 bonus; Aura moderate dark; CL 16th; Weight


This ability can be placed only on a melee weapon. 

A flying weapon acts as a dancing weapon, but while dancing it can be directed to attack foes up to 30 feet away. Additionally, at any time (even if the weapon is not dancing), the last wielder to draw the weapon can will it to return to him as a swift action. It flies up to 500 feet per round to return to its wielder, making one sunder attempt per round to penetrate any barrier it can’t fly around and a combat maneuver check (using its last wielder’s CMB) against the CMD of any creature that attempts to hold or restrain it (bursting free on a successful check). When it returns to its wielder, the weapon flies into an empty hand or, if its wielder does not have a free hand, falls at his feet. If the weapon can’t return after 4 rounds, it falls inert.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells animate objects; Cost +5 bonus