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School elemental (water); Level druid 9


Casting Time 1 hour


Range 0 ft.
Area 2-mile-radius emanation
Duration permanent
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You cause all areas of water to which you have line of effect to recede as if you had cast control water. Exposed water that enters the area ebbs away, evaporating or leaching into the ground at a rate of 1 foot of depth per hour. Living creatures in the area when the spell is cast are parched with thirst and take a –4 penalty on Constitution checks to resist the effects of a hot climate, and their daily water requirement to avoid thirst doubles. Plant creatures and inanimate plants take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage per hour after the first 24 hours, which bypasses hardness and damage reduction. Living creatures with the aquatic or water subtype, unless completely immersed in water, must attempt a DC 20 Constitution check each hour no matter how much water they drink. A creature that fails takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage and becomes fatigued until it recovers from the nonlethal damage.

After 1 week, the soil in the area of sea of dust begins to break down and blow away. Moderate winds have a 50% chance each hour to cause sandstorms. This chance increases to 75% in strong winds and 100% in severe or stronger winds. Short-duration wind effects such as gust of wind create sandstorms with the same area and duration as the spell, plus an identical duration after the spell ends.

After 1 month, the soil in an area affected by sea of dust has virtually disintegrated. The area is treated as a shallow bog for the purposes of movement, with a 25% chance each hour to encounter an area equivalent to a deep bog 2d6×10 feet across, and a 5% chance to encounter a collapsing dust drift equivalent to quicksand 1d6×5 feet across.

The affected region remains desert-like in condition until the magic is dispelled, at which point the region recovers and returns to its original terrain over the course of time (this may take only days or weeks, or it could take months or even years, subject to GM discretion). This spell has no effect if cast on an entirely aquatic region. If the spell is cast on an island, the effects of the spell extend to the shore but not beyond.