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Price 600 gil; Slot -;  CL 7th; Weight 15 lbs.; Aura moderate healing


This tent is made from delicate silken fabric decorated in strange runes and smelling vaguely of incense.


Anyone resting within this snuggly warm bedroll, which accommodates 4 medium-sized creatures or 1 large, naturally restores the following:

  • HP: 2 HP per character level.
  • Stamina: A number of stamina points equal to 5 + the character’s Constitution modifier.
  • Ability Points: 2 ability points.
  • MP: After at least 8 hours before meditation multiplies the MP they would restore from their character level and casting modifier by two.

You must sleep within the tent for 8 hours to gain its effects. This time is not reduced by effects that reduce resting time such as Light Sleeper or Rings of Sustenance.

After being used once the mystical properties imbued within the tent fade away. It will serve as a standard tent but without the magical properties reinforcing it the tent poles and canvas reduce to a Hardness of 0 and have half the normal hit points.


Cost 300 gil; Feats Craft Wondrous ItemSpells Restora