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You have mastered manipulating the weight of your weapon for both Offense and Defensive maneuvers.

Prerequisite(s): Str 19 or Dex 19, Operator Style, Weighted Strike, Assault Twister, and a Base Attack Bonus +11.


When in Operator Style, you treat any weapon with a weight of 10 lbs. or more as having the blocking, monk, brace, and deadly traits. The competence bonus from Operator Style increases to a maximum of +10 and applies to bull rush, trip, overrun and grapple maneuvers. Whenever you successfully Tumble through a threatened square using Assault Twister, you can spend an immediate action to make an attack at a -2 penalty before you enter the new square. In addition, you can perform Assault Twister a number of times per round equal to the amount attacks allowed by your base attack bonus and the penalty for Weighted Strike is reduced by 2.