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Form Highway

School elemental (earth); Level black mage 5, geomancer 5, white mage 5


Casting Time see text
Components 50 gil worth of concrete per section


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect 10ft by 10ft section of road
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw None; Spell Resistance no


This spell forms concrete into a useable highway on any terrain excerpt in mid-air or in water, though the process is long it is considerably quicker than manually labouring the highway and waiting for it to settle. A highway can only be made up of concrete.

A highway cannot be formed inside of a creature or object unless it is being dug into the earth to form foundations. Once formed the highway becomes a mundane structure and cannot be dispelled.

Forming: To form a highway, you must spend 2-minutes casting per section of highway 10ft wide, 10ft long, and 1ft thick. You must be carrying, or have nearby, materials worth 50 gil of concrete to form a section of highway. If the materials are not processed for highway building, for example, are not combined and melted to form malleable concrete, the casting requires an additional 3 minutes per section. Concrete is made up of cement, aggregate (particles of stone) and sharp sand. Mixed with water to form the malleable cement.

A highway becomes dry 20-minutes after it has been laid, rather than the normal 2 hours for manual placing. It reaches full hardness after 48 hours, rather than several days.

If a highway is being formed onto a terrain that is ill-suited, like sand in deserts, swamps in marshes, you must spend an additional casting per segment to create suitable columns and foundations beneath the surface. These foundations need not be made of concrete, instead only rock or brick is required, costing 10gil and 15gil respectively, the casting time for the foundations also only takes 1 minute to cast.

Materials: For every 5 hours (max 48) after a highway has been placed it gains 1 hardness and 2 hp per inch of thickness. After 48 hours a highway has a total of 10 hardness and 22 hp per inch of thickness.

Effects: A highway created by this spell reduces the movement penalty of terrain by 2 tiers (to a max of normal movement), refer to the Terrain and Terrain Improvements table for more details. These roads are wide enough to allow for a single carriage to travel along with it, a double casting to make the road 20ft wide will allow carriages to move both directions.

Due to the effectiveness of roads, removing most debris or obstacles and creating a smooth surface, any creature moving with the aid of a formed road gains a +4 circumstance bonus to the Constitution check made for forced marches. Any creature than runs or changes on this surface gains an additional 10ft to their speed (multiplied as usual), vehicles increase their base speed by 10ft while driving on a highway and gain a +2 circumstance bonus on drive checks made to stop short.