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Price 3,000 gil; Slot Eyes; CL 1st; Weight -; Aura faint enhancing


This set of square-rimmed glasses with winged temples looks graceful yet effective in their duties. Seen mostly on the faces of the higher-class or advanced tutors, these glasses are an uncommon sight amongst the magically inclined.


With a move action, the user may tap the glasses to gain the benefits of detect magic at will for 1 minute or read magic at will for 10 minutes. The user may use Spellcraft or any Knowledge skills as if they were trained when identifying, deciphering and learning spells as well as determining the properties of magical items. The user may benefit from both detect magic and read magic at the same time, though must be done with 2 separate move actions.


Cost 1,500 gil; Feats Craft Wondrous ItemSpells Detect Magic, Read Magic