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Being in such close proximity to Mana for a majority of your life has allowed you to passively absorb its power. This power however was mostly focused in your vision, enhancing the light of Mana and showing where it is located within certain distances.


Dim light cast by Mana now counts as Bright light of the same radius, with half as much as Dim light afterwards (20 dim becomes 20 bright, 20 dim). You also gain the ability to see Mana within objects and through walls up to 30 ft from you. This ability extends to any magical light that would give only dim lighting. Mana is not present enough in normal beings to show up, though is with Mana Monsters and similar creatures. This effect does not show if an item is magical or not, though works when viewing Materia even if it is attached. This effect stacks with low-light vision.

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