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The Shinsect and their fellow law enforcers make a statement when facing you with a smoking gun: If you are on the ‘business end’ of their weaponry, you’d best be prepared to leave in a body bag.

Prerequisite(s): Shinsect Riot Style, Riot Suppressive Fire, 5 ranks in Intimidate or 5 ranks in Bluff.


When you succeed on the feint or demoralize attempt provided by the Riot Suppressive Fire feat by 5 or more, the condition of their foe worsens. If you pass the DC to feint your opponent by 5 or more, they suffer an additional penalty to AC equal to your Intelligence modifier for the duration of the feint. If you pass the DC to demoralize an opponent by 5 or more, any movement (except a 5-ft.-step and the movement used in a Withdraw action) in the first range increment of your firearm provokes an attack of opportunity from that opponent so long as they have the shaken condition.