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School enhancing/cantrip; Level astrologian 0, black mage 0, geomancer 0, red mage 0, summoner 0, white mage 0


Casting Time 1 standard action


Range touch
Effect 1 lb of edible substances
Duration when fully consumed or 1 hour after casting
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You touch a piece or plate of food, or container of liquid, altering its existence to be either more pleasing or the worst thing someone has ever seen or eaten.

The affected food or drink can be chilled or heated to comfortable temperatures, have its flavor increase or decreased by 1-star rating (restaurant standards), and even become more rotten or fresh by 1 day per level. This cantrip cannot purify food, however, if the food was already rotten or poisoned it cannot be removed. This spell only affects commonly eaten items, like vegetables, fruit, and meat, or drink such as water, tea, and alcohol, it can affect monster and creature corpses if they are viable for consumption.

If the caster wishes to spend 1 MP they can increase the effects of this cantrip to almost becoming a true spell, being able to mask the visible signs of poison from its aesthetic or smell, it also alters the star rating of the food by 3 which can make a simple loaf of bread taste like it was made in a high-class bakery, or a steak taste like it came out of the trash.