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Prerequisite(s): Ability to cast 2nd-level spells, Elemental Focus (Earth).


As long as you have an elemental (earth) spell of 2nd level or higher in your known spells and have at least 2 MP in your MP pool, as a standard action, you may create a 5 by 5 by 5 ft block of material in an unoccupied space adjacent to you, which remains in place for up to 5 rounds before vanishing. The type of material the block is made out of depends on the highest level earth spell you can cast. At 1st level, it is made of paper (effectively no weight, no hardness, 10 hp). 3rd level is a hollow block of wood (200 lbs, hardness 5, 60 hp). 5th level is a block of solid wood (2000 lbs, hardness 5, 600 hp). 7th level is a block of stone (9 tons, hardness 8, 900 hp). 9th level creates a block of iron (30 tons, hardness 10, 1800 hp). You can always choose to make a block of lesser value if desired. The usual rules about summoning into a place which can support the cube applies, and you may dismiss any and all cubes as a standard action. As a secondary benefit, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level when casting elemental (earth) spells.