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You control darkness and shadows.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to cast 2nd-level spells, Dark Focus.


As long as you have a dark spell of 3rd level or higher in your known spells and have at least 3MP in your MP pool, shadows and darkness appear to obey your will. As a standard action, you can direct these shadows to obscure the vision of one foe within 30 feet. If your target fails a Will save (DC 10 + half your caster level + your highest mental stat modifier), its attacks have a miss chance equal to 5% per level of the highest-level dark spell you can cast. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next action. Creatures that do not rely on sight are unaffected by this effect, and those with Blind-Fight or similar abilities can fight as they normally would. As a secondary benefit, you gain darkvision out to 10 feet. If you already have darkvision, its range increases by 10 feet.