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Cost 100 gil Weight 3 lbs.
Damage 1d2/1d2 (small), 1d2/1d2 (medium) Critical x2 Type elemental
Range 30 ft. (maximum)
Category 1-handed Proficiency exotic
Weapon Groups power weapons


Combining 2 elements, this multi-rod deals more varied elemental damage at a single target. This is a single attack roll, with both elements hitting the same target, split your casting mod evenly between both elements, in the case of a decimal you may decide which element has the higher bonus. This rod otherwise works like a normal rod. When created or bought, they only deal two elemental types of damage (Earth, Fire, Holy, Ice, Lightning, Shadow, Water, or Wind) and are named as such (Magma Rod for fire and earth, Sleet Rod for ice and water, etc). They have 5 Hardness and HP 5.