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Cost 50 gil Weight 2 lbs.
Damage 1d3 (small), 1d4 (medium) Critical x2 Type bludgeoning or slashing
Category light Proficiency martial
Weapon Groups close, natural, tribal
Special see text


This set of metallic gauntlets can easily be equipped on races that lack natural weapons. Whilst worn, they change the creatures unarmed attacks into claw natural attacks, gaining all benefits and penalties of such. This attack counts as a primary, dealing 1x STR damage on attacks and allows 1 attack per hand. Creatures with more limbs must buy another pair, enchanting them separately. The user can still use manufactured weapons while wearing these gauntlets, but take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, -4 if the weapon is ranged. While wearing these gauntlets you are unable to make unarmed strikes or make use of flurry of blows with their hands, including any similar ability. A character can’t benefit from Feral Claw Gauntlets and other items that provide enhancement bonuses or weapon special abilities (such as an amulet of mighty fists) on the same attack. Any items/feats that note Natural Weapons apply for the gauntlets.

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