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Focusing their training solely on controlling their GFs, some SeeDs find a way to utilize more of their power.

Prerequisites: Cha 14, SeeD Operative 2.


The SeeD Operative may choose either the 2nd or 4th level ability, and a utility ability from their Guardian Force at 2nd level.

If this feat is selected after the choice was made, the SeeD Operative may immediately choose either the 2nd or 4th level ability if they had chosen a utility ability, or a utility ability if they selected a 2nd or 4th level ability.

Special: This feat can be chosen at SeeD Operative 4, 6, 8 and 10 to gain another selection at those levels, as long as it contains one utility ability and one of the GF’s level abilities.

Normal: Without this feat, you can only choose 1 ability from a GF every 2 levels.