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Arcane Craft (Item Creation, Al Bhed)

Your innate talent allows you to use sheer genius in place of skill or prowess.

Prerequisite(s): Al Bhed, Int 15.


You may create magic items from two item creation feats from the list below without needing the requisite item creation feat when your ranks in Spellcraft reach the sufficient number, using your ranks in Spellcraft as your Caster Level, though this increases the DC of crafting by +10.

Once this feat is chosen, you may pick two item creation feats from the list below, your Spellcraft ranks must be high enough to select the item creation feats.

1 Rank – Scribe Scroll.
3 Ranks – Craft Alchemical Item, Craft Wondrous Item.
5 Ranks – Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Materia, Craft Wand.
7 Ranks – Forge Ring.
9 Ranks – Craft Rod.
11 Ranks – Craft Staff.
15 Ranks – Craft Construct.

Special: This feat can be selected more than once, enabling you to select two additional item creation feats each time this feat is selected.