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Cost 2,000 gil Weight 10 lbs.
Damage 1d12 (small), 3d6 (medium) Critical 18-20/x2 Type slashing
Category 2-handed Proficiency exotic
Weapon Groups heavy blades
Special deadly, distracting, sunder


Originally developed for use as tools, chainsaws work remarkably well as weapons and are often used by lunatics or those who want to intimidate their enemies. A chainsaw consists of a weighty housing for the engine and power source that is fitted with two handles, and a 2- to 3-foot-long blade extending from the front, around which a whirling, buzzing chain of razor-sharp cutting links spins at blinding speed when the weapon is activated. It’s a standard action to activate a chainsaw, and doing so consumes a flask of fuel. The chainsaw continues to run constantly after activation, draining an additional flask of fuel each hour. A dropped chainsaw automatically turns off unless it is set down carefully as a move action. The chainsaw does special things on a natural 1. On a natural 1, the chainsaw has a 20% chance it may jam. In such a case, the device must be shut off and a Disable Device check of DC 20 is requires to bring the chainsaw back into working order. If the weapon is ever sundered, its fuel explodes, dealing 2d6 fire damage to its user. Chainsaws gain +2 on Sunder checks and treat the hardness of the object as -2 less than normal (to a minimum of 0). Any enchantment bonus grants another -1 penalty per bonus. The buzzing of a chainsaw’s blade is loud and distracting (but not deafening), causing anyone carrying an activated chainsaw to take a -10 penalty on Stealth checks. An activated chainsaw grants a proficient user a +2 morale bonus on Intimidate checks. It consumes 10 gil in fuel per encounter or for every hour used outside of battle. This fuel can be crafted with Craft (Alchemy) checks, generally distilled from organic sludge like oils.