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You and another caster combine your aether to conjure magic beyond your own power.

Prerequisite(s): Able to cast 1st level spells.


Whenever you and another caster with the feat are within 30 feet of each other, you both can each expend MP to cast a spell you know, but don’t have access to yet due to MP cost. This can only be used to cast spells a single spell level higher than you can normally cast. Only two casters can use this feat together, and when doing so, spend the most MP they can to cast the spell. The MP spent must at least equal out to the MP needed to cast the desired spell normally. For example, two casters with 2nd level casting can attempt to use this feat to cast a 3rd level spell. Both casters spend 2 MP to have one cast the 3rd level spell. Additionally, this can also be used to cast spells you have access to but don’t have the MP for, borrowing the MP of another caster to make up the difference. When using this feat, both casters are treated as casting the spell and provoke attacks of opportunity as normal. The user using this feat must know the spell desired to cast, while the other one does not.