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Archetypes (Astrologian)

Table: Astrologian Archetypes

KeeperThe keeper is a repository for all the beliefs and vast knowledge of an elvaan people. She shows a strong interest in and understanding of histories and creation legends at a young age, and as she matures her calling to serve as the memory of her long-lived people becomes clear to all who know her. Available only to elvaan astrologians.
MooncallerA mooncaller is bound to the subtle influences of the ever-changing moon and its endless cycles from light to dark and back again. Available only to varg astrologians.
MysticThe mystic believes that violence is sometimes necessary, but knowing and understanding is the true root of perfection. Through meditation and spiritual visions, a mystic can see beyond the veil of reality to the underlying truth of all existence.
PsychicWithin the mind of any sentient being lies power to rival that of the greatest magical artifact or holy site. By accessing these staggering vaults of mental energy, the psychics can shape the world around them, the minds of others, and pathways across the planes. They are capable of manipulating invisible force to wield a weapon at a distance as if they were right up next to their enemies, staying safe from danger while still inflicting damage both martial and magical.