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Primal Mage

It is said that the earliest blue mages were beings of a most primal nature, more like the monsters they dined upon than the men they claimed to be. As the times moved forward, the old ways of the blue magi changed with them. Where once power was taken by flesh, blood, and bone, now it could be simply experienced; learned by a different kind of absorption…less gruesome and terrifying to modern viewers. Yet no matter how much time has passed, man cannot ever fully remove their more primal and primitive impulses. It should then come to no one’s surprise that the most ancient order of magi still exists today. Though less common than they once were these most primal of mages still roam the world, feasting upon monsters of all sorts with teeth capable of shearing steel or scale, learning the magic of monster and machines.

The primal mage is an archetype of the blue mage class, available only to qu blue mages.

Gourmet Magic

A primal mage has the power to gain new spells from creatures that have supernatural abilities by learning from them. The blue mage must devour the raw material of the slain creature that possess an ability that he can learn. This does not require the whole creature; even eating its ashes or ‘other‘ remains will do. A primal mage begins play with 2 blue magic spells of his choice. These do not need to be of any particular level, however, a primal mage still cannot cast them until he is at the appropriate level (a GM has final veto power of which spells can be learned, a rule of thumb is that if the creature is legendary or one-of-a-kind, it’s not available). Unlike the other blue mages, a primal mage learns spells by eating a creature (unlike normal blue mages who can learn by observation). Any blue mage that is eaten grants the primal mage all their spells regardless of level.

This ability replaces creature magic.

Sword-Like Teeth (Ex)

 At the 1st level, a primal mage gains a very powerful bite attack that often becomes the mage’s central weapon and tool. This bite deals damage as seen from the table below and adds one and a half times the primal mage’s Strength modifier to damage.

Table: Small, Medium, or Large Primal Mage Bite Damage

LevelDamage (Small)Damage (Medium)Damage (Large)
1st – 3rd1d41d61d8
4th – 7th1d61d82d6
8th – 11th1d81d102d8
12th – 15th1d102d63d6
16th – 19th2d62d83d8

This ability replaces blue magery. 

Iron Stomach (Ex)

Primal mages can survive where few others can, drinking from poisoned, diseased wells and eat nothing but dirt and dry leaves. A primal mage can take substance from anything it sticks in its mouth no matter how toxic and terrible tasting it is. At 1st level, a primal mage gains immunity to all ingested poisons or diseases and can eat or drink just about anything to sate himself of hunger or thirst at no penalty.

This ability replaces spell proficiency. 

Sharpened Teeth (Ex)

At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, a primal mage’s bite attack can penetrate a new kind of damage reduction based on their level

At 4th level, the primal mage’s bite is treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming DR.

At 8th level, the primal mage’s bite is treated as silver and cold Iron for the purpose of overcoming DR.

At 12th level, the primal mage’s bite is treated as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming DR and bypassing hardness.

At 16th level, the primal mage’s bite is treated as the character’s alignment for the purpose of overcoming DR.

At 20th level, the primal mage’s bite is treated as epic for the purpose of overcoming DR.

This ability replaces azure physical training.