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Deific Orders

Deific OrderDescription
DraconianDisciples of the dragon god, Bahamut, revere all forms of draconic nature. Many draconians are thrill-seekers for the cause of good, channeling their divine power in ways that allow them to take on their powerful foes head on.
KefkaniteA faithful follower of Kefka, imbued with his demented personality and megalomania, seeks to curry favor with his god. Kefkanites are territorial creatures, always seeking to be the one Kefka chooses as his avatar, to rule in his name.
LunarianLunarians worship the goddess, Althena. In Her Light and Wisdom, the lunarians spread Her Love, healing the sick and feeding the poor. The lunarian is also a master of battlefield revivification, sustaining and restoring allies to keep them in the fight.