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Gunnery Talents

As a gunner gains experience, she learns a number of talents that aid her marksmanship skills. Starting at 2nd level, a gunner gains one gunnery talent. She gains an additional gunnery talent for every two levels of gunner attained after 2nd level. A gunner must meet the prerequisite of the talent selected and unless specified otherwise, each talent can only be selected once.

Table: Gunnery Talents

Gunnery TalentPrerequisitesBenefits
Close-Ranged SniperThe gunner gains Point Blank Shot as a bonus feat. If the gunner already has Point Blank Shot, she can choose either Far Shot or Precise Shot instead. At 6th level, the gunner also gains Point Blank Master as a bonus feat, even if she does not meet its prerequisites.
Combat FeatA gunner that selects this talent gains a bonus combat feat. This talent can be selected more than once.
Critical Genius (Ex)The gunner may select 1 ranged weapon with which the she is proficient, treating that weapon as though its critical threat range was 19-20 (unless it would be higher) and its critical multiplier as though it was x2 (even if it would normally be higher). In addition, when the gunner confirms a critical hit with the chosen weapon while using the attack action, she deals additional damage equal to her base attack bonus; this additional damage is applied after other modifiers and is not multiplied by the critical hit. At 12th level, the chosen weapon’s critical threat range is instead treated as 18-20.
Duelist’s Grip (Ex)Gun TrainingWhenever the gunner wields a ranged weapon in only one hand and makes no attacks using any other hand she possesses, she applies 1 and 1/2 times her Dexterity bonus to damage rolls with it instead of just her Dexterity modifier.
Expert Reloading (Ex)Whenever the gunner reloads a ranged weapon with which she is proficient, she may decrease the required time; one-handed and two-handed firearms become swift action. If the gunner possesses the Rapid Reload feat, reloading becomes free actions.
Fast Draw (Ex)The gunner can draw a ranged weapon as part of the action used to make an attack with it. She can draw a hidden weapon (see the Sleight of Hand skill) as a move action.
Firearm Bash (Ex)The gunner is considered proficient with using a firearm as an improvised melee weapon, and any enhancement bonus to these weapons applies to her attack and damage rolls while using them as an improvised weapon. She suffers no penalty to attacks with these weapons due to using them as an improvised weapon, provoke no attacks of opportunity when using them as a melee weapon, and threaten the area around her as she normally would when wielding a melee weapon.
Gun Kata (Ex)While wielding a firearm, the gunner can still make unarmed strikes with the hands used to wield it (these attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity if she is not proficient with unarmed strikes); if she does, her unarmed strikes made with any hand wielding a firearm gain any enhancement bonuses to attack or damage rolls her firearm possesses (this bonus cannot exceed +5). When using the attack action to make a successful attack with her unarmed strike against a creature, or when she succeeds at a melee attack with a double weapon that is part melee weapon and part firearm (such as the gun arm) using the attack action, as a swift action she can make a ranged attack with a -2 penalty against the same creature with her firearm or the firearm portion of her weapon; this attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
Mechanical Savant (Ex)When the gunner makes a successful ranged attack while wielding a firearm, she deals additional damage equal to half her base attack bonus (minimum 1).
Reflexive Shot (Ex)Gunner 6, Quick Draw feat or Fast Draw talentThe gunner can take a shot at an opponent about to engage her in melee combat. Whenever an opponent first engages the gunner in melee combat, she can as an immediate action, make one ranged attack at her highest attack bonus. If the attack is successful, she deals damage as normal. Once the attack is made, she drops her weapon to the ground and can draw a melee weapon and engage in melee combat as normal. The gunner must be wielding a loaded firearm to use Reflexive Shot.
Shot From the Hip (Ex)A gunner may now make a ranged disarm combat maneuver against her opponent as long as she is within the first range increment of the gunner's firearm. The gunner does provoke an attack of opportunity unless the gunner has acquired the Improved Disarm feat.
Shot in the Dark (Ex)Sure Shot talentThe gunner gains Prone Shooter as a bonus feat. In addition, the gunner takes no penalties to Stealth checks while making ranged attacks from a prone position.
Small Arms (Ex)The gunner does not take penalties for using ranged weapons sized for smaller creatures. For example, a Medium creature could wield a two-handed ranged weapon sized for smaller creatures in one hand without incurring the penalty for wielding inappropriately sized weapons. Additionally, she gains a cumulative +1 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a weapon on her person for each size smaller the weapon is sized for. For example, a Medium creature using a pistol sized for Tiny creatures would receive a +2 bonus to a Sleight of Hand check to conceal it on her person.
Speed Loader (Ex)Gun TrainingA gunner has become so adept with her ranged weapon - any weapon with which the gunner has chosen Gun Training with - that she may now reload it without provoking an attack of opportunity if the gunner should reload in an enemies threatened squares.
Splitshot (Ex)Whenever the gunner makes an attack action with a firearm, she can load two bullets and fire them as part of the same attack. When making an attack action in this fashion, her attack suffers a -2 penalty, but can target two adjacent creatures. For every four points of base attack bonus she possesses, the targets may be +5 ft. away from each other and still be viable targets, so long as their distance from each other is not greater than the distance from her to either of them.
Stable Shooter (Ex)When wielding a sniper rifle or heavy autotek, the gunner is always treated as though it was supported or mounted and may reload these weapons while prone, although she takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls with these weapons when using them with this talent. This penalty is doubled when making a full attack action with weapons wielded with this talent.
Steady Shooting (Ex)The gunner has mastered techniques for making firearms more reliable and accurate at the expense of power. When firing a firearm as an attack action, she may ignore its misfire chance, but the weapon targets normal AC instead of touch AC. When firing a firearm in this manner, treat its range increment as 10 too. longer than it actually is, plus an additional 10 ft. for every four points of base attack bonus she possesses.
Sure Shot (Ex)A gunner can use a full-round action to make an attack against an opponent who is up to three range increments away. The opponent is treated as flat-footed against this attack. This attack bypasses any damage reduction the target might have. If the target has uncanny dodge, it retains its damage reduction against this attack.
Unorthodox Firing (Ex)The gunner may fire any ranged weapon while prone. Additionally, she may use a leg in place of a hand when wielding a ranged weapon, although she must still use at least one hand to fire the weapon and suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls while using a foot in this manner. This can allow you to fire the weapon in situations where two hands are not available, such as when hanging from a rope, grappling a creature, or in other, similar situations.
Versatile Precision (Ex)Gunner 14The gunner gains Critical Mastery as a bonus feat. The gunner can spend 2 grit points while using sure shot to increase the save DC of her Critical feats by 4.