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Archetypes (Illusionist)

Table: Illusionist Archetypes

Phantom BladeA phantom blade can create illusions so realistic that they border on reality. The fearsome illusion weapons that they create enable them to vanquish a large array of foes. Being master manipulators, phantom blades know the best ways to use illusions to dishearten, distract, and defeat their foes.
PictomancerThere is a school of thought that through appropriate blend of color and shading some illusions can be made so life like and realistic that they blur the lines between phantom and creation. The pictomancer dedicates himself to this art and transforms a world of black and white into one of scintillating and dangerous color.
ShadowcasterShadowcasters are trained in dark mysteries, their training allows them to harness the power of shadows to bolster their spellcasting.