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Archery Talents

As an archer gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him against his foes. Starting at 2nd level, an archer gains one archery talent. He gains an additional archery talent for every 2 levels of archer attained after 2nd level. Unless otherwise stated, an archer cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Table: Archery Talents

Archery TalentBenefits
Ambushing Shot (Ex)An archer with this talent may treat his initiative roll as a 20 for a surprise round, regardless of his initiative, but he may only take an attack action with a ranged weapon. His normal initiative roll is used in subsequent rounds. If two or more characters possess this talent, their initiative determines the order in which they act, but they all go before any other creature. If an archer is prevented from acting in the surprise round, this talent has no effect.
Blood Reader (Ex)While able to see an aimed target, an archer with this talent knows exactly how many hit points his opponent has remaining. This only works against living targets.
Camouflage (Ex)An archer with this talent can craft simple but effective camouflage from the surrounding foliage. The archer needs 1 minute to prepare the camouflage, but once he does, it is effective for the rest of the day or until the archer fails a saving throw against an area-effect spell that deals earth, fire, ice, lightning, water, or wind damage, whichever comes first. The archer gains a +4 bonus on Stealth checks while within terrain that matches the foliage used to make the camouflage. This ability cannot be used in areas without natural foliage.
Combat TrickAn archer that selects this talent gains a bonus combat feat (see Feats). This talent may be selected more than once.
Defensive Grace (Ex)An archer that selects this talent adds his aimed target bonus to his CMD and as a dodge bonus to AC when attacked by his aimed target.
Greater Called Shot (Ex)Prerequisites: Called Shots, Improved Call Shot talent, Archer 10
An archer with this talent that makes a called shot that deals half the creature’s hit points of damage (minimum 40) doubles the called shot’s effects and duration.
Improved Called Shot (Ex)Prerequisites: Called Shots, Archer 6
While making a called shot, an archer with this talent reduces the penalty to attack rolls by 2.
Positioning Shot (Ex)Once per round, when an archer with this talent hits a creature with a ranged attack, he can move up to 30 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Saving Grace (Ex)An archer that selects this talent adds his aimed target bonus as an insight bonus to all saving throws that he makes when targeted by an attack or ability used by his aimed target.
Sure Footing (Ex)The archer gains a +5 bonus on Acrobatics checks to move on narrow surfaces and loose or uneven ground.
Surprise Shot (Ex)Whenever the archer rolls initiative, he can also make a single attack with a ranged weapon as an immediate action. He can use this ability only if he has a weapon in hand and it is loaded (if applicable). If more than one character has this talent, their initiative check results determine the order in which they make their attacks. After these attacks are resolved, the round proceeds as normal.
Threatening Shot (Ex)An archer with this talent is so deadly with his bow or crossbow, he may flank targets. He threatens an area up to the first range increment, but not adjacent.
Trick Shot (Ex)Prerequisite: Archer 6
An archer with this talent can choose one of the following actions: disarm, feint, or sunder. He can perform this action with a bow or crossbow against any target within 30 feet, with a –4 penalty to his attack roll. Every four levels beyond 6th, he may choose an additional trick shot to learn. These maneuvers use up arrows as normal. At 14th level, he may also choose from the following actions: bull rush, grapple, trip. A target grappled by an arrow or bolt can break free by destroying the archer’s arrow or bolt (hardness 5, hit points 1, break DC 13) or with an Escape Artist or Strength check (against the archer’s –4 penalty)
Two with One Blow (Ex)An archer with this talent can use a ranged weapon to attack two opponents adjacent to each other at once by taking a -4 penalty on the attack roll. The attack may hit either, both, or neither opponent depending on the roll and the Armor Class of each opponent. Damage for each opponent is resolved separately. If the attack roll results in the threat of a critical hit, roll to confirm each critical hit separately.
Weak Spot (Ex)Whenever an archer with this talent uses a ranged weapon against a target of his size or larger, the character can make a ranged touch attack instead of a normal attack. If the attack hits, the archer does not apply his Strength or Dexterity bonus to the damage.
Without a Trace (Ex)Prerequisite: Evasion
When the archer successfully uses evasion or improved evasion to avoid taking damage, he can attempt to hide as an immediate action. The archer attempts a Stealth check with a –20 penalty, but gains a +1 bonus on her check for every die of damage the avoided attack would have dealt. The archer can attempt this check even while being observed, as long as he has cover or concealment or an ability that allows him to use the Stealth skill while being observed without cover or concealment.