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Archetypes (Archer)

The following table lists the archetypes for the archer class. Racial prerequisites are in bold.

Table: Archer Archetypes

Arcane ArcherArcane archers are ranged warriors that specialize in crushing their foes with enchanted arrows. While not actually caster themselves, they are well versed in the Arcane and can borrow the magicks of allies, adding powerful spells to their arrows.
Battlefield MinstrelSome battlefield minstrels flee when the sight of battle grows too near, and when their allies fall. Some battlefield minstrels sing to the dance of death around them, letting their arrows fly and their bow string’s ring across to field, their voices carrying across the field by their arrows, raising the souls of their comrades to fight harder, or for their enemies to fall under his voice.
Dwarven CrossbowyerDwarven crossbowyers battle the vilest creatures—often in underworld tunnels, far from their homes—in defense of their clans. Their great skills with crossbows make dwarven crossbowyers deadly hunters of the dark aberrations and depraved humanoids that otherwise would destroy everything the dwarves have built. Available only to dwarf archers.
HawkeyeHawkeyes are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.
RangerFor those who relish the thrill of the hunt, there are only predators and prey. Be they scouts, trackers, or bounty hunters, rangers share much in common: unique mastery of specialized weapons, skill at stalking even the most elusive game, and the expertise to defeat a wide range of quarries. Knowledgeable, patient, and skilled hunters, these rangers hound man, beast, and monster alike, gaining insight into the way of the predator, skill in varied environments, and ever more lethal martial prowess. While some track man-eating creatures to protect the frontier, others pursue more cunning game—even fugitives among their own people.
SkirmisherThe skirmisher is a formidable foe, that follows a strict code of honor, even in the lowest ranks of assassins. The skirmisher specializes in dealing death from afar, without revealing her position. While not as adept from extreme ranges, up close the skirmisher is still very capable. Poisons and traps are not unfamiliar to the skirmisher, and often see use among their type.
SniperSome say that the sniper is the worst kind of assassin: a killer who waits silently in the shadows and then strikes from a distance without remorse. Snipers, of course, understand that such protestations about "cowardice" and "honor" regarding their profession are in fact merely the bleatings of sheep fearing the slaughter and pay them no heed. Most snipers take pride in their formidable abilities, which allow them to take life quickly, quietly, and efficiently, then disappear into their surroundings without a trace.