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The tamer befriends – or enslaves – monsters, calling on them to assist him in battle.

The tamer is an archetype of the beastmaster class.

Tools of the Trade (Su)

At 1st level, the tamer may choose an implement to wield – a bell or a whip. When the tamer holds the item of his choice while using his Call ability, he gains a specific benefit. Once chosen, this choice is permanent.

  • Bell: The tamer may dismiss any creature summoned with a bell as a free action – fast enough to save it even if it would normally be killed.
  • Whip: The tamer may order any creature summoned with a whip to take suicidal actions.

This ability replaces feral combat style.

Capture (Su)

Also at 1st level, as a standard action, the tamer may make a Wild Empathy check on a creature that has 25% of its HP remaining, or lower. The DC of this check is equal to the creature’s HD. If the check succeeds, the creature is treated as friendly and retreats from the battle for you to call on later. Where the creature goes is unknown, however there doesn’t seem to be any dangers there, and the creature can recover from even mortal wounds in less than a day, causing mages to suspect magic to be involved. The creatures are restored to full HP whenever the tamer rests for at least 8 hours. The tamer may capture any number of creatures, however the total HD of the captured creatures can’t exceed twice his beastmaster level; any captured creatures whose HD would put him over that limit are immune to his ability until he releases creatures.

This ability replaces rage.

Call (Su)

At 2nd level, the tamer may summon creatures he has captured. As a standard action, the tamer summons any number of creatures whose collective HD is no more than 1/2 his tamer level. The creatures will follow your orders to the best of their abilities, however they don’t normally follow suicidal orders. The tamer can use this ability once at 2nd level plus an additional time per day at 5th level and every 3 levels thereafter. The monsters last the entire combat or until they die. If they survive the battle, they are automatically returned to the tamer’s extra-dimensional space, or the tamer can recall them as a swift action at any time.

This ability replaces all of the beastmaster’s rage powers.

Blood Bond (Ex)

At 10th level, each of the tamer’s captured creatures gains a +2 bonus on all attack rolls, checks, and saves after witnessing any threat or harm to the tamer. This bonus lasts as long as the threat is immediate and apparent.

This ability replaces beast shape.

Strident Call (Su)

Once per day, beginning at 11th level, the tamer may call any number of creatures whose collective HD is no more than his tamer level. This otherwise functions exactly like the tamer’s Call ability. The tamer gains extra uses of this ability at 15th and 19th level.

This ability replaces greater rage.

Inspire Greatness (Su)

At 18th level, the tamer can grant extra fighting ability to all his captured creatures within 30 feet. An inspired captured creature gains +2 Hit Dice (d10s that grant temporary hit points), a +2 competence bonus on attacks, and a +1 competence bonus on Fortitude saves. Apply the captured creature’s Constitution modifier, if any, to each bonus Hit Die. These extra Hit Dice count as regular Hit Dice for determining the effects of spells such as sleep. The tamer can inspire his captured creatures once per day, and the effects last for 5 rounds. This is a supernatural, mind-affecting, enchantment ability.

This ability replaces tireless rage.

Clarion Call (Su)

Once per day, at 20th level, the tamer may call any number of creatures he has captured, limited only by what creatures he has available. This otherwise functions exactly like the tamer’s Call ability.

This ability replaces mighty rage.