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Archetypes (Dragoon)

Table: Dragoon Archetypes

Azure DragoonDragoons train to fight dragons, to defend their home by soaring the skies to attack their foes. Some befriend dragons. Some try to fight like them. Some obtain a bond with a dragon through their aether, such as through their body parts, or giving a dragons blessing or power at birth. Whatever the circumstance these dragoons are called Azure Dragoons. Fighting with the power of a dragon’s aether to unleash healing, and devastating attacks on their foes, and other dragons.
Dragon KnightWhere most dragoons developed their skills to counter the awesome powers of the great beasts. But some see them not as beasts, and instead fight with them, side by side. The dragons they fight beside are not pets, or even servants, but their companions, and in return for fighting by their side the dragoon teaches them how to be strong. Not relying on hundreds of years of growth and experience, but the brashness and ingenuity of youth.
LancerThese gallant lancers serve in the vanguard of many armies or as knights-errant. They are born leaders and masters of the mounted charge.
SkylancerSome dragoons train with the skills of dragons, some fly like them. A skylancer learns not only to move through the air with grace like a traditional dragoon, but also become the wind, and trains with many lances.
ValkyrieValkyries are female dragoons that transmute their heavy armors to create wings of shining metal to emulate a valkyrie. They soar over the battlefield aiding fellow soldiers with their abilities to bring about war. Available only to females.