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Hybrid Classes

ClassDescriptionHDSkill PointsBABFort SaveRef SaveWill Save
Black BeltLacking the armor of the Fighter or the spiritualism of the Monk, Black Belts use their adaptability to their advantage.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodGoodBad
DancerCombining the style of the Bard with the martial talent of the Monk, Dancers are agile fighters capable of inspiring allies and harming foes.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodGoodBad
FencerStyle and grace are all the Fencer needs to become as agile as a Gunner but as powerful as a Fighter.d104 + Int modifierFullBadGoodBad
NinjaSilent as a Thief, agile as a Monk, Ninja are master assassins.d88 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
SamuraiMasters of Sen and katana, the Samurai are honorable warrior-monks.d102 + Int modifierFullGoodBadGood
ScholarScholars are skilled with both White and Black magic, and use a sprite familiar to assist.d62 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
Sword SaintOnce a Sword Saint has their weapon out, they’ve committed themselves to slaying their foes, and often do.d102 + Int modifierFullGoodBadGood