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Poledancers are typically exotic dancers, expert in handling the poles. These alluring individuals are the master at their craft, wielding spears, lances, and polearms with expertise and deadliness.

The poledancer is an archetype of the dancer class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Poledancers gain weapon proficiency with all spears, lances, and polearms.

This ability replaces the dancer’s standard weapon proficiencies.

Polearm Familiarity (Ex)

When wielding a spear, lance, or polearm, a poledancer can use her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier on melee attack and damage rolls. She may treat such weapons as a one-handed piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon. The weapon must be for a creature of the poledancer’s size. A poledancer cannot use this ability if she is carrying a weapon or shield in her off-hand.

This ability replaces unarmed strike.

Alluring Performance (Ex)

At 2nd level, a poledancer gains the ability to execute an alluring performance in addition to her battle dance ability. An alluring performance is exactly like a battle dance with the following exceptions.

A poledancer can use an alluring performance to recreate the effects of any of her known battle dances, but she focuses the performance on only a single target within range. While other creatures see and hear a poledancer’s alluring performance, only the target of this ability is affected by it. A poledancer cannot have a battle dance and an alluring performance in effect at the same time. Every round spent engaged in an alluring performance counts against the total number of rounds per day she can use her battle dance, and she cannot use this ability if she does not have any more rounds of battle dance left for that day.

Starting an alluring performance is a move action; at 10th level, it becomes a swift action.

When a poledancer uses her alluring performance ability to emulate inspire courage, inspire greatness, or inspire heroics, any bonuses to AC or on ability checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and skill checks increase by +1. For example, a poledancer using inspire heroics as an alluring performance would grant her target a +5 morale bonus on saving throws and a +5 dodge bonus to AC, instead of the usual +4 bonuses.

This ability replaces versatile dance.

Working the Poles

Starting at 4th level and every 2 levels thereafter, a poledancer may take an acrobatic talent from the dragoon’s acrobatic talent list in place of a mystic dance.

Swinging Pole (Su)

At 6th level, a poledancer can use her battle dance to speed up her attacks. When making a full attack action, she may make one extra attack with any spear, lance, or polearm that she is holding, as though under the effects of a haste spell. She also gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to AC and on Reflex saves. At 9th level, and every three dancer levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by +1, to a maximum of +5 at 18th level. These bonuses do not stack with the haste spell.

This ability replaces rain of blows.

Polearm Training (Ex)

At 6th level a poledancer gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with spears, lances, and polearms. This bonus increases by +1 for every six levels beyond 6th.

This ability replaces dancer’s strike.

Flinging Impact (Su)

At 13th level, a poledancer can use her battle dance to improve her spear, lance, and polearm’s critical range. All attacks she makes with her spears, lances, and polearms are treated as though she had the Improved Critical feat.

This ability replaces dance of the crushing python.