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Archetypes (Fencer)

Table: Fencer Archetypes

CorsairWhile it doesn’t take much more than a ship and a crew to become a pirate, corsairs are a finer breed of freebooter. A corsair’s debonair charm and style make her a paradoxical celebrity even among the nations whose ships she plunders.
FusilierWhile some fencers take pride in their ability to wear down an opponent with great skill at arms and clever positioning, there are those who use firearms to get in close and hit hard.
PerformerMany cultures and societies have gladiators who fight for the crowd, but not all gladiators can claim the status and expertise of a performer. These practiced combatants are experts at shifting the crowd’s attitude and are incredibly adept with their strange yet deadly weapons.
SwordmasterA swordmaster meditates to strengthen her spiritual connection to her blade. She strives to perfect her skills by mastering six deadly trances.