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Archetypes (Samurai)

Table: Samurai Archetypes

BladecallerIt is believed the spirit of the blade can be utilized to against one’s foes. Bladecallers put this technique to practice, brandishing their katanas to unleash the spirits within from past battles to unleash devastating attacks upon his foes and aid his allies.
ParivirThere are some ronin who rather than find themselves in search of a new lord, opt instead to serve nature itself. Combining both swordsmanship and nature’s fury, the parivir beats down foes with blindingly fast swordstrikes of deadly precision.
Warrior MonkWarriors of the Faith, who act as guardians, and fight those who defy the faith. Some venture out as ronin taking their own path. These warriors wield large sharp katanas that devastates foes and hinders them unable to fight.