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Magic is divided into eight types: black magic, blue magic, chronomancy, geomancy, necromancy, red magic, song magic, white magic. Black magic grants a mage the power to inflict chaos upon creation, while white magic brings order to creation. Blue magic uses the ability of creatures into spells to cast. Chronomancy controls all aspects of time. Geomancy uses the terrain and the elements to harness raw power. Necromancy uses dark magic to raise the dead as well as the living. Red magic blends some of black and white magic as well as its own particular blend to enhance the capabilities of the red mage. Song magic provides a variety of effects to enhance allies and enfeeble enemies.

Black Magic

Black magic is almost exclusively offensive, and is practiced by black mages. With few exceptions, these spells focus on dealing damage to a target or hindering its ability to fight. A large portion of black magic is focused on the power of the elements. Skilled mages seek out their foes’ elemental weaknesses, and adapt their magic to strike with precision.

Blue Magic

Blue magic has a variety of different types of spells. It relies on creatures with supernatural abilities to copy from them and make it their own. Depending on the creatures the blue mage learns from, they have a terrifying variety of spells to utilize.


Chronomancy controls all aspects of time. Manipulation of time is a dangerous area for spellcasters, even the most harden of time mages are rightly to be feared.


Geomancy focuses primarily on the elements and terrain. Geomancy works well with Black Magic. Geomancers are the only known spellcasters that can harness the power of geomancy.


Necromancy gives necromancers the power over life and death. They are able to mimic undead powers through spells.

Red Magic

Red magic blends the healing and protection of white magic and the elemental destruction of black magic as well as adding its own particular enhancing red magic to make the red mage an extremely versatile mage.

Song Magic

Song magic is how bards utilize their songcraft. Songs provide a variety of effects to enhance allies and enfeeble enemies. Perform song magic requires the bard to make Perform skill checks successfully and also spend MP to perform his magic.

White Magic

White magic is primarily defensive, but it has its share of enfeebling magic and a small dab of direct damage as well. White magic mostly focuses on healing others and restoring life. White magic is practiced by white mages.