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Materia FAQ

Q: How many Materia can I have attached to my equipment?

A: You may have 1 Materia per individual weapon, shield, armor and wondrous items that grant an Armour Bonus (This does not include Deflection, Dodge etc).


Q: Is there a limit to the amount of Materia I can have attached at once?

A: Generally you will have around 3 Materia attached in total. However, technically, you can attach up to 14 via Magic Items if you manually craft wondrous items of Armour Bonus, 2 for weapons, 2 for bucklers or more.


Q: For Materia that grant a 1 time passive, like Life Materia, if I equip more than 1 can I benefit from them several times?

A: Yes, 1 will activate when the conditions are met, the 2nd Materia will then activate once those conditions are met again.


Q: How does MXP work?

A: When you gain EXP, divide it by 10 to find your MXP. Split this evenly among all currently attached Materia, but only if they are slotted within Masterwork gear. Once a Materia has enough MXP it will level up, check the Materia Advancement table to find the correct values.


Q: Do mastered Materia gain MXP?

A: No, do not calculate the split MXP for mastered Materia.


Q: Do Materia stack?

A: No. You take the highest value.


Q: Can I attach Materia to an Amulet of Mighty Fists or similar wondrous item?

A: No.


Q: I have a level 0 Uncommon or higher Materia, what happens?

A: The Materia is dormant and does not function, you need to have it gain MXP to become level 1 before it can be used for anything.


Q: I am using Milestone Levelling, how do I fit Materia into that?

A: Materia was not designed for Milestones, however, you may grant 10% of the EXP gap between levels to the players to split among their equipped Materia as a dirty fix.


Q: How do I cast a spell through a Materia?

A: You must make a Use Magic Device check to attune to it first, at DC 20 (25 in combat), this requires a standard action. If you have a Caster Level of double the Spell level you may then cast with a standard action if the spell is within your class’s spell list or make a UMD 20 check to cast from the Materia. Materia can only cast 3 times per day, once those are used it becomes dormant and stops any benefit, recharging after 24 hours. Read the skill for more information.


Q: How many charges do Materia have for spells?

A: 3 per day.


Q: What happens if I use all the charges in a Materia?

A: It stops providing any passive bonuses, it will recharge in the next morning.


Q: Can I use the spell 24 Hours to recharge the Materia?

A: No.


Q: Do you need to attune to a Materia to gain the passive bonus?

A: No, it just needs to be slotted within a piece of sufficient masterwork or enchanted gear.


Q: I already know a spell from a Materia, do I still need a UMD check?

A: No, if the spell is in your class’s spell list, you do not require a UMD check, it acts similar to wands.


Q: What are the bonuses and DCs for Materia spells?

A: They use the lowest possible modifiers. For example, a Cure I would have a CL of 1 and Mod of 0 whereas a Cure II would have a CL of 3 and a mod of 1.


Q: How many Materia can I have attuned at once?

A: 1.


Q: Do Materia need to be attached to a piece of equipment to cast spells?

A: No, all they need is to be attuned.


Q: Can a Red Mage use Materia with Spell Combat?

A: Not normally, but if they take the Ruby Arcana of Wand Wielder they can.


Q: Can I use the Steal Combat Maneuver to take Materia away from someone?

A: Yes, but you must know it is attached, either by seeing it used or being told about it. The DC is increased by 5 if they are attached.


Q: Can spells from Materia critical hit?

A: Yes, if they have an attack roll.


Q: When an Ability Matera is mastered, what copy does it create?

A: It creates a blank Ability Score Materia, you choose what ability it will affect when it reaches level 1.


Q: Do enhancement wondrous items stack with Ability Boost Materia?

A: No, they are both enhancement bonuses, they do not stack, take the highest.


Q: Is there a class that focused on Materia?

A: Yes, the Magicite Knight.


Q: Do Monks have no options for gear to slot Matiera into?

A: No, you may slot Materia into Weighted Hand/Footwraps and/or Bracers of Armor.


Q: Can Materia be slotted into Shindroid Plating?

A: No.


Q: Do Materia affect unarmed or natural attacks?

A: Materia affects Unarmed, but not Natural.