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Greater Gods

  • Althena: Neutral good goddess of song, serenity, and protection.
  • Bahamut: Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the Lawful Good god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor. Lawful good knights often revere him, and dragons worship him as the first of their kind. Monarchs are crowned in his name.
  • Kefka: Chaotic evil god of the magic, destruction, and madness.

Old Gods

  • Alexander: Lawful Good god of healing and law.
  • Hades: Evil god of death and sickness.
  • Ifrit: Neutral god of fire and war.
  • Leviathan: Neutral god of water and serpents.
  • Phoenix: Neutral Good god of fire and rebirth.
  • Ramuh: Chaotic Good god of lightning and knowledge.
  • Shiva: Neutral goddess of ice and beauty.

New Gods

  • Althyk the Keeper: Neutral god of space and time.
  • Azeyma the Warden: Neutral god of the sun and inquiry.
  • Byregot the Builder: Neutral Good god of architecture and the arts.
  • Halone the Fury: Chaotic Neutral goddess of war and ice.
  • Llymlaen the Navigator: Neutral goddess of the seas and navigation.
  • Menphina the Lover: Chaotic Good goddess of love and the twin moons.
  • Nald’thal the Trader: Neutral god of commerce and transactions.
  • Nophica the Matron: Neutral Good goddess of abundance and harvests.
  • Nymeia the Spinner: Neutral goddess of fate and celestial bodies.
  • Oschon the Wanderer: Neutral god of vagrants and mountains.
  • Rhalgr the Destroyer: Lawful Evil god of destruction.
  • Thaliak the Scholar: Lawful Neutral god of wisdom and knowledge.