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New Gods

NameAlignPortfolioDomainsFavored Weapon
Althyk the KeeperTN12th Month, Earth, Future, History, Space, Surveying, TimeEarth, Glory, Nobility, TimeGreataxe
Azeyma the WardenTN9th Month, Fire, Inquiry, Judges, Sun, TruthFire, Glory, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, SunShurikens
Byregot the BuilderNG7th Month, Architecture, Arts, Industry, Lightning, Smiths, StudyAir, Artifice, EarthWarhammer
Halone the FuryCN1st Month, Fury, Ice, War, WarriorsDeath, Glory, Ice, War, WaterGreatsword
Llymlaen the NavigatorTN5th Month, Fishing, Navigation, Seas, Waves, WindAir, Knowledge, Travel, WaterTrident
Menphina the LoverCG2nd Month, Ice, Love, Romance, Moons, NightCharm, Community, Darkness, WaterHeavy Flail
Nald’thal the TraderTN10th Month, Commerce, Fire, Merchants, Trade, UnderworldArtifice, Fire, Travel, TrickeryTwo-Bladed Sword
Nophica the MatronNG11th Month, Earth, Farmers, Farming, HarvestsEarth, Good, Plant, WeatherScythe
Nymeia the SpinnerTN4th Month, Divination, Fate, Planets, Space, WaterKnowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Time, Void, WaterRapier
Oschon the WandererTN6th Month, Archery, Travelers, Vagrants, Wanderers, WindAir, Earth, Liberation, TravelLongbow
Rhalgr the DestroyerLE8th Month, Destruction, Lightning, Magic, WarDeath, Destruction, Lightning, Magic, WarPower Staff
Thaliak the ScholarLN3rd Month, Libraries, Magic, Research, Rivers, Scholars, Teachers, Water, WisdomCommunity, Knowledge, Magic, WaterPower Rod or Power Staff