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MP System

Spells are manifestations of magic. The requirements for casting a spell are listed on the corresponding class pages. All spells are cast by using specific gestures (somatic) and words of power (verbal). Most spells don’t require material components or foci. Otherwise, the spell system is very similar to Pathfinder with a few changes. The rules for concentration and spell interruption are the same. Light, medium, and heavy armor adds a spell failure chance.

Spell casting and song performing works in the same way that it does in the Pathfinder, but all spells/songs suffer spell failure from armor and all spells/songs cost magic points rather than number of spells/songs per day. Magic points (MP) are used to fuel spells and songs. After at least 8 hours of rest, characters may meditate for 30 minutes to restore their amount of magic points equal to their caster level plus their primary casting modifier. All spellcasting classes get additional magic points for high attributes. Casters need not prepare spells, as all casters can cast any spell they know at will. A caster has no limit on the amount of spells he or she may know.

The cost for Spells and Songs are calculated as such: Spell/Song level x 1 MP. (I.E. a 9th level spell will be 9 MP to cast or a 5th level song will be 5 MP to perform.)

The maximum MP a spellcaster can spend on spells/songs using feats is equal to the highest spell/song level they can cast/perform. (I.E. A 10th level Black Mage can spend up to 5 MP on a single spell.)

Metamagic Feats

Metamagic feats are applied spontaneously and do not increase the casting time of the spell, however, it will increase the MP cost. In order to apply a metamagic feat to a spell, the caster must be able to spend MP at the increased cost of the spell.

Spellcasters & Bonus MP

Spellcaster classes function off of an MP pool, and while they gain a set amount of MP in accordance to their class level (see respective class tables), they also gain bonus MP from their associated casting modifier (be it Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma) and their current spell casting level (note: this is different from caster level!)

Casting Modifiers and Bonus MP

A modifier is the number you apply to the die roll when your character tries to do something related to that ability. You also use the modifier with some numbers that are not die rolls. A positive modifier is called a bonus, and a negative modifier is called a penalty.

The ability that governs bonus MP depends on what type of spellcaster your character is: Intelligence for black mages, blue mages, and time mages; Wisdom for astrologians, geomancers and white mages; or Charisma for bards, dark knights, holy knights, illusionists, red mages, necromancers, and summoners. In addition to having a high ability score, a spellcaster must be of high enough class level to be able to cast spells of a given spell level (see the class descriptions for details.) Your given casting modifier and your current spell level (found on your respective class table) dictates how much bonus MP you will get, as per the following table:

Table: Bonus MP per Day (by Spell Level)

Ability ScoreModifier1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
1-5Can't cast spells tied to this ability.
2-3-4Can't cast spells tied to this ability.
4-5-3Can't cast spells tied to this ability.
6-7-2Can't cast spells tied to this ability.
8-9-1Can't cast spells tied to this ability.