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Magic Traits

Trait NameBenefits
Materia SavantYou gain 1/5th your experience (rounded down) when calculating how much MXP your materia receive (instead of 1/10th). [Example: After a fight you receive 2,000 experience for your efforts, and would normally receive 200 MXP for your materia (1/10th of 2,000); characters with this trait would receive 400 MXP (1/5th of 2,000) having a faster mastery of materia than normal.]
Materia VeteranYou gain a +2 trait bonus to Use Magic Device skill checks involving Materia, and Use Magic Device is always considered a Class Skill for you.
Mighty Materia MagicAny time you cast magic through a materia, the spell’s Caster Level and DC increases by 1.
Natural ArcanaYou gain a MP pool containing 1 MP. This 1 MP refreshes at the beginning of each day.
Twice BurnedCharacters with this trait gain a +2 trait bonus to Reflex saves against materia magic.