A variety of archetypes and one deific order up for grabs. Enjoy!


  • Au Ra (Base Race): Added Wyrmfang Brawler to their list of Racial Archetypes.
  • Moogle (Core Race): Added Geodancer to their list of Racial Archetypes.
  • Palico (Base Race): Added Meowsterful Rager to their list of Racial Archetypes.


Fighter, Dragoon, Knight, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker, Holy Knight, Samurai, and Sword Saint’s number of skills increased to 4+, Archer and Red Mage’s number of skills increased to 6+

  • Archer (Core Class): Added Aiming Shot, Chameleon Step, Defensive Bow Stance, Distracting Shot, Hateful Attack, Hobbling Shot, Marauder’s Step, Second Chance Shot, Secondary Target, Surprise Shift, Tangling Shot, and Vantage Point to their list of archery talents.
  • Beastmaster (Core Class): Added Rage Forms (1st), Damage Reduction (7th), and Rage Strike (16th). Added Battlecry, Blood Sense, Blood Sense (Greater), Cry Havoc, Ghost Hunter, Great Leadership, Hack Loose, Head Ripper, Heroic Leadership, Impelling Disarm, Intimidating Transformation, Last Stand, Limb Ripper, Perceptive Accuracy, Pushback, Ringing Blow, Savage Jaw, Savagery, Spell Sunder, and Wavestepper to their list of rage powers. Auspicious Mark, Crippling Blow, Elemental Absorption, Flesh Wound, Mighty Blow, and Renewed Vigor rage powers have been updated. No longer once per day.
  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Added Tough Skin (1st), Aggression (2nd), Aggressive Assault (6th), Burst of Aggression (9th), Aggressive Onslaught (13th). Also added Advanced Close Weapon Training, Aggressive Defense, Increased Ki, Ki Deflection, Martial Genius, Martial Versatility, Mighty Blow, and Mighty Blow (Improved) to their list of martial arts talents. Also added Close Weapon group to their list of weapon proficiencies.
  • Cleric (Base Class): Channel Energy now advances every two levels. Added True Healer (17th).
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Added Shaft Trip (1st), Balanced Stride (2nd), Vault (4th), Pike Charge (5th), Spinning Lance (7th), Agile Charger (11th), Piercing Lance (15th), Ranged Set vs Charge (17th), Spearhead Charge (19th).
  • Fighter (Core Class): Added Sharp Reflexes (1st), Determination (2nd), Dogged Obstinacy (3rd), Physical Resilience (4th), Weapon Guard (5th), Robust Physique (6th), Weapon Adaption (7th), Secure Weaponry (8th), Tenacious Grip (9th), Autonomic Grasp (11th), Weapon Unity (13th), Combat Composure (15th), Flawless Technique (17th), Assured Strike (19th). Added Armed Maneuver, Combat Maneuver Defender, Critical Specialist, Dazzling Intimidation, Defensive Weapon Training, Feint Training, Knockout Training, Responsive Training, Spell Parry, Spell Smash, Trained Flanking, Trained Grace, Trained Initiative, Trained Interference, and Trained Thrower to their list of Advanced Fighter Talents.
  • Illusionist (Base Class): Added Copycat, Illusion Catcher, Master’s Illusion, Observant Illusion, and Overcome Spell Resistance to their Veil Powers. Added Deceptive Flourish (1st), Discern Deception (2nd), Body Shift (4h). True Illusion (5th), The Show Must Go On (6th), Tenacious Illusions (8th), Body Double (9th), Cloak of Shadows (11th), Illusive Reality (16th), Blurred Reality (17th), and Walk Unseen (19th). Removed Bonus Feats.
  • Knight (Core Class): Added Armor Expertise, Armor Specialization, Armored Bastion, Armored Confidence, Armored Master, Armored Sacrifice, Armored Strike, Critical Deflection, Cushioning Armament, Effortless Impetus, Shield Wielder, Steel Headbutt, Unhindered Movement – Heavy, Unhindered Movement – Medium, Unmoving, and Warding Shield to their list of Knight Talents. Added Greater Armor Specialization, Greater Armored Strike, and Master Armorer to their list of Advanced Knight Talents.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Updated the table for MP Progression for Bone Wizards.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Added Arcane Scent, Cautious Arcana, Circle of Order, Close Range, Critical Strike, Divinatory Strike, Natural Spel Combat, Heavily Armored Mage, Reach Magic, Restless Scholar, Throwing Arcana, and Wave Step to their list of Ruby Arcanas.
  • Ruby Magister (Prestige Class): Added Arcane Potential (1st), Potential Techniques (1st), Legendary Combat Casting (2nd), Spell Recall (7th), and Improved Spell Recall (10th).
  • Thief (Core Class): Added Agonizing Attack, Ambush Assailant, Ambusher, Armor Expertise, Artful Dodger, Blindsense, Brutal Beating, Celerity, Combat Ruse, Combat Trickery, Consummate Avoidance, Deadly Range, Deflect Arrows, Deft Swipe, Dexterous Extrication, Duelist’s Precision, Fleet Footed, Flowing Feint, Ground Fighter, Instinctive Awareness, Larceny, Masterful Strike, Menacing Demeanor, Quicker than the Eye, Rapid Swipe, Rapid Trickery, Silencing Attack, Skirmisher, Unseeing Acumen, and Waylaying Charge to their list of thief talents. Added Adaptive Assailant, Blindsight, Eviscerating Attack, Grand Larceny, Skill Excellence, Superior Combat Ruse, Superior Combat Trickery, and Superlative Stealth to their list of advanced thief talents.

Archetypes/Deific Orders

  • Desperado (new Gunner archetype): The ringing cracks of a desperado’s dual-wielded pistols can often sound like the worst storm of the year coming in. For small towns, overrun by bandits and the like, that’s never too far from the truth. – Created by Captain Puddlefoot from Discord.
  • Dragon Knight (Dragoon archetype): Added Fearful Might (4th), Predatory Deduction (5th), Draconic Presence (7th), Undaunted (11th), Wings (15th), and Elemental Resilience (19th).
  • Druid (Beastmaster archetype): Added Timeless Body (16th).
  • Geodancer (new Moogle Dancer archetype): The ancient geodances first discovered by Mog have been passed down through the generations and spread far and wide, mixing the forces of the earth with the graceful movements of the body to generate amazing magic.  – Created by Moggle Mog from Discord.
  • Life Trickster (new Gambler archetype): Combining the life energies from his heritage, or training offshore in hellish island terrains, with sheer unadulterated chutzpah, the life trickster blends oddball weapon techniques and tools to baffle, belittle, and defeat nigh on anyone, even those more powerful than he is. Especially those more powerful. – Created by Kazu from Discord.
  • Master of Many Styles (new Monk archetype): The master of many styles is a collector. For every move, he seeks a counter. For every style, he has a riposte. Ultimately, he seeks perfection through the fusion of styles.
  • Meowsterful Rager (new Palico Beastmaster archetype): Furious at her small stature, the meowsterful rager seeks imaginary revenge on any who lord over her.
  • Mist Walker (White Mage archetype): Added Mending Veil (2nd).
  • Necrotic Healer (Necromancer archetype): Updated the table for MP Progression for Bone Healers.
  • Persona Evoker (new Summoner archetype): Given the power to control outsiders by the gods themselves, the persona evoker seeks to control, ignore or break fate. Often using the power he is granted to go against those who aim to destroy the balance. After facing his inner demons and desires, a persona evoker gains the ability to control a manifestation of his true self as well as command the true selves of other beings. – Created by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Pom Disciple (new Deific Order for Cleric): Pom Disciples worship the god of all moogles, Good King Moggle Mog XII. Never one to dedicate to just one style, the pom disciple has a special weapon that changes shape and channels the essence of moogles long lost to time known as the ones to bring the Good King Moggle Mog XII to the mortal realm, even if only for a short time, his greatness was witnessed. – Created by Moggle Mog from Discord.
  • Puppetmaster (Engineer archetype): Updated/added the table for MP Progression for Red Mage mode and White/Black Mage modes.
  • Ranger (Beastmaster archetype): Added Master Hunter (20th), lowering Apex Predator to 18th and Seen it Before to 16th.
    Ruby Archer (Red Mage archetype): Added a small list of ruby archer’s ruby arcanas. Added Deadeye Style (1st), Spell Volley (4th), Arcane Servo (9th), and Impossible Shots (15th).
  • Servant Conjurer (Summoner archetype): Updated the table for MP Progression for Caster.
  • Shield Mage (new Red Mage archetype): This red mage has learned how to cast spells from behind the safety of a shield.
  • Tamer (Beastmaster archetype): Moved Beware of the Dog to 16th, added Shared Senses (10th).
  • Verdant Rider (new Mandragora Chocobo Knight archetype): Some mandragora spirits are vibrant enough to project this animus beyond their own bodies. Called verdant riders, these mandragoras explore the world atop unique companions formed from the mandragora’s vines and animated by their nearly boundless energy. Both mount and rider brim with new growth, sporting bright flowers, whipping tendrils, clouds of pollen, and other manifestations charged with nature’s powe
  • Werewolf (Beastmaster archetype): Added Werewolf’s Fury (16th).
  • Wyrmfang Brawler (new Au Ra Black Belt archetype): Ever worshipful of their draconic ancestors, auri often latch onto any means by which they can prove themselves linked to the powerful creatures.
  • Yumi Sniper (Samurai archetype): Reduced BAB/HD by 1 step. Added Agile Archer (3rd). Added the ability to pick Archery Talents in place of Bushido Arts.
  • Zen Archer (new Archer archetype): Some zen archers seek to become one with another weapon entirely—the bow. The zen archer seeks perfection in the pull of a taut bowstring, the flex of a bow’s limbs, and the flight of an arrow fired true. – Created by XenoMorphine from Discord.


  • Combat Feats: Added Throw Moogle and Wield Moogle.