Added a slew of deific orders and a couple of new archetypes, as well as an optional system, the Sub Job.


  • Holy Knight – Changed out Divine Sacrifice for this ability: Cover.

Deific Orders

  • Aeon Guardian – Aeon guardians worship the Mana Goddess, Minerva. In her neutrality and control over life-cycles, aeon guardians help people to move onto their next life as well as aid those who still have time within their life. Controlling the ebb and flow of both health and magic, aeon guardians can also keep their allies in top shape. – Created by NapazTrix.
  • Archaean – Archaeans worship the God of Earth, Titan. Archaeans are mortals who willingly take on the mantle of immortal warriors through ritual and devotion, imbuing themselves with the patience and eternal strength of stone.
  • Chronomancer – Chronomancers worship the Time God, Zomala. These worshippers are the enforcers for Zomala for time mages who abuse time. They actively hunt these time mages and often strip them of their magic for a time, punishing them for their misuse of time magic.
  • Draconian – Minor change to Bahamut’s Presence ability, forgot to add aura range and limited number of rounds.
  • Fulgarian – Disciples of Ramuh seek knowledge of all things. Mostly of the arcane but they are inclined to learn as much as they can about the world. Some act as neutral advisers in times of war or to those seeking guidance and knowledge within their own lives. Above all, their study is in the magical arts, and are very protective of the right to study it and use it. – Created by Kayos.
  • Glacian – Glacians worship the Ice Goddess, Shiva. Desiring to bring their goddess’s guidance to the land and to help sculpt not just themselves but this world into a thing of beauty. They can see the good in most things and often becomes lenient to those who do wrong. Though, the goddess’s wrath is not unknown, those who seek to walk on thin ice with the goddess and her disciples will likely see it shatter. – Created by Kayos.
  • Hydraean – Hydraeans worship the God of the Sea, Leviathan. Hydraeans who live in or near the sea embrace the watery aspect of their deity. In aquatic communities, a hydraean is often a healer and spiritual leader. Hydraeans understand the tempestuousness and cruelty of the sea, but also its generosity and bounty.
  • Infernian – Disciples of Ifrit are known as bringers of fire and war. Living to conquer and fight, either for the sake of stoking their own flames or to snuff out those who grows dim. Many infernians live to fight for one cause or another and love to battle in war, they are known to be passionate about their individual beliefs and the fight keeps their passions burning. They seek to the flames for Ifrit’s guidance in this cruel world, as his fire burns the brightest of all. – Created by Kayos.


  • Berserker (Beastmaster archetype) – Added new Berserk power: Righteous Wrath. – Created by Manly Man.
  • Disciple of the Hand (new Engineer archetype) – To some, glory and power aren’t found, but forged. These men and women seek the great artifacts of the past as an architect seeks blueprints, eagerly analyzing the secrets of their creation. A disciple of the hand is someone who eschews the traditional study of engineering in order to more fully explore the art of enchanting magic items, for he knows a well-placed weapon can change the course of a war, and kingdoms have been traded for a single sword. These men and women, while generally considered to be more mentally stable than chemists, are often just as eccentric and single-minded, sometimes spending weeks at a time in complete seclusion, crafting their latest masterpiece. A disciple of the hand may delve into dungeons and face monsters with the rest of them, but his true passion is always creation, and his true goal a legacy to last the ages.
  • Lanista (Fighter archetype) – Renamed from Warrior.
  • Lightbringer (new Dancer archetype) – A lightbringer uses dance as a beautiful but deadly martial art. As the lightbringer dances, she channels a fragment of her patron god or goddess. In this way, a lightbringer becomes a burning whirlwind of divine justice.
  • Paradigm Shifter (Red Mage archetype) – Changed from a prestige class to an archetype for Red Mages. – Created by Virgil.
  • Warrior (new Fighter archetype) – On the northernmost edge of Abalathia’s Spine exists a mountain tribe renowned for producing fearsome mercenaries. These men and women learn to harness their inner-beasts and translate that power to unbridled savagery on the battlefield. In former times which saw war waged ceaselessly in Eorzea, the warriors featured prominently on the frontlines of battle. With the arrival of peacetime, however, their art has descended into the shadows of obscurity, where it remains to this day. – Created by Erik.


  • Added 3 more metasong feats for Bard: Empower Song, Maximize Song, and Quicken Song.
  • Arcane Blast feat removed. Empowered Touch feat added.


  • Changed many favored weapons for all the deities, removing all simple weapons for a martial replacement.
  • Added Archetypes links for all the classes on the main page.
  • Added a new optional system called Sub Jobs. An alternate Gestalt system.