Added a few racial archetypes for a few races lacking one.


  • Goblin: Added a racial Chemist archetype (Fire Bomber) and 3 Racial Feats (Burn! Burn! Burn!, Fire Tamer, and Flame Heart).
  • Guado: Added/modified a Cleric archetype (Exorcist) into a racial archetype.
  • Hypello: Added/modified a Thief archetype (Merchant) into a racial archetype.
  • Orc: Added a racial Beastmaster archetype (Hateful Rager).
  • Sylph: Added a racial White Mage archetype (Wind Listener).


  • Beastmaster: Added 2 new rage powers (Come and Get Me and Overbearing Advance).
  • Black Belt: Can now wear light armor, if they want to lose the AC bonus. /shrug
  • Dragoon: Made a slight change to Sweeping Fend. Added two new Acrobatic Talents: Ready Pike and Trip Toss.
  • Gambler: Made a slight change to Gil Toss. Added Gil Rain ability at 10th level and Skew Favor at 18th level.
  • Geomancer: Added Armored Mage (light) ability at 3rd level.
  • Ninja: Can now wear light armor, if they want to lose the AC bonus. /shrug


  • Dragon Knight (Dragoon archetype): Added a 20th-Level Advancement for Dragon Companion as well as added Dragon Senses to all advancements.
  • Fire Bomber (Goblin Chemist archetype): Fire bombers are exceptionally good at using bombs to burn creatures and blow things up, but are not quite as good at creating other types of bombs.
  • Hateful Rager (Orc Beastmaster archetype): From a young age, many orcs are treated cruelly, bullied, ridiculed, and made outcasts. While some hide their shame, others foster a deep, burning hatred that they channel into a raw fury and unleash against their enemies.
  • Merchant (Hypello Thief archetype): Made some changes, added a few abilities (Gil Toss, Gil Rain, Bargain, Fence, Appraising Eye, and Master Merchant).
  • Wind Listener (Sylph White Mage archetype): The wind listener takes a sylph’s natural curiosity to the extreme, enhancing her natural skill at subterfuge and eavesdropping with potent magic.
  • Wrestler (Black Belt archetype): Replaced Reverse Grappler feat with Grabbing Style feat.


  • Sub Job Limitation added: Class features that two classes share (such as uncanny dodge) accrue at the rate of the faster class.