Changes, big and small. Probably will upset people, meh!


  • Gria (Base Race): Added Strengthened Wings racial feat. Added 4 Alternate Racial Heritages (Cave Wyrm, Draconic, Ocean Wyrm, and Sand Wyrm), as suggested by Bahamut from Discord.
  • Moogle (Core Race): Added Strengthened Wings racial feat.
  • Roegadyn (Base Race): Powerful Build no longer stacks with any other abilities.
  • Tarutaru (Core Race): Removed -2 Con, +2 Cha from base racial stats. Added an Alternate Racial Trait called Lalafell Ancestry that grants a +2 Cha, -2 Con, in addition to starting racial traits.


  • Black Mage/White Mage (Core Classes): Metamagic Enhancement changed from a free action to a move action.
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Abyssal Art (Bloodspiller) now changed to a standard action and instead deals double weapon damage. Removed Dark Sword Techs.
  • Fencer (Hybrid Class): Updated their weapon proficiencies.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Removed Holy Sword Techs.
  • Knight Gallant (new Prestige Class): Noble swordsman who earn their valor and honor on the battlefield. Honing their swordskills, and becoming commanders on the battlefield, these valiant knights earn the title “Knight Gallant”. Their swordskill prowess, and presence on the battlefield is unmatched by any warrior. They are a King’s greatest sword. – Created by Kayos from Discord.
  • Medic (Base Class): Triage now heals 1d6 per level and instead of a number of encounter per use, it now uses half level + Wis mod per day. Improved Triage now reduces Triage from a standard action to a move action, and using to heal multiple allies requires a standard action instead of a full round action. Due to the increased healing for Triage, I removed maximized healing from Master Medic.
  • Samurai (Hybrid Class): Some major revisions. Meikyo Shisui limit break was modified. Iaijutsu Strike’s enhancements removed. Forces of Sen ability was removed. Resolve moved to 3rd level from 4th. Mediate was overhauled. Bushidos was renamed to Combo Finishers. One with the Sword capstone renamed to Master Samurai. 3 new Combo Finishers were added (Higanbana, Midare Setsu Gekka, and Tenka Goken). Bushido Pool added to 2nd level. Bushido Arts added at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. One with the Sword ability added at 4th level. – Changes made by Kayos from Discord.
  • Sword Saint (Hybrid Class): Overhauled the Swordskills. Made changes to Swordplay, Practiced Skill, and Perfected Skill. All talent trees (including ones from archetypes) now indicate what weapons can be used with the talents. – Created by Kayos from Discord.

Deific Order

  • Asurite (Asura Deific Order): Servants of Asura, the queen of astrals and eidolons, asurites strive to be a mortal reflection of their patron, proving their strength in battle and their care for those they cherish in times of need. – Created by Manly Man from Discord.
  • Judge Magister: After a quick review, I decided to remove it as a deific order for cleric and made into a Knight archetype instead.


  • Berserker (Beastmaster archetype): Ferocity now ignores the effects of nonlethal damage (not the damage itself). Ronso’s Grip (Berserk power) no longer stacks with any other abilities.
  • Bladecaller (Samurai archetype): Added The Forces of Sen at 1st level.
  • Chaos Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Was removed because the Dark Sword Techs were removed from the base class and it was lackluster without additional abilities.
  • Dark Swordsman (Dark Knight archetype): Removed Dark Sword Techs. Added Dark Swordplay, Practiced Skill, and Perfected Skill.
  • Holy Swordsman (Holy Knight archetype): RemovedHoly Sword Techs. Added Holy Swordplay, Practiced Skill, and Perfected Skill.
  • Jack of All Trades (Freelancer archetype): Added a line to Master of None to indicate class feature effectiveness limited by level.
  • Judge Magister (Knight archetype): Was converted from a Deific Order to a Knight archetype.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype): Removed Bonus Spells talent.
  • Monsterkin (Freelancer archetype): Added the option to buy a Subtype for the creature type purchased.
  • Parivir (Samurai archetype): Removed The Forces of Sen.
  • Pluto Knight (Knight archetype): Was removed because abilities were moved to the Knight Gallant prestige class.
  • Reaver (Dark Knight archetype): Blood Frenzy talent now grants a bonus to damage for 10 HPs the reaver is missing. And this extra damage is not multiplied on a critical hit.
  • Skullshield (Necromancer archetype): Skullshields now count as undead while fused with their bone commander.
  • Swordsman (Sword Saint archetype): Removed Branched Swordplay due to upcoming changes to Dark/Holy Knight.
  • Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype): Removed The Forces of Sen.Removed access to any combo finishers that indicate the use of iaijutsu strikes.


  • Added the following class feats: Extra Bushido and Extra Bushido Arts
  • Added the following racial feat: Strengthened Wings
  • Added the following magic trait: Mana Vision – Created by NapazTrix
  • Added the following regional traits: Bahamut’s Legs, Beard Above Your Station, Downtown Living, High-Life Wanderer, On The Fence, and Scaley Ally – Created by NapazTrix
  • Added the following religion traits: Fenrir’s Drift, Gale of Valefor, and Order of Alexander – Created by NapazTrix
  • Added the following drawbacks: Mana Echoes (Guado) and Mist Vulnerability (Viera) – Created by NapazTrix


  • Esuna spell now is able to cure supernatural status effects.


  • Added links to NapazTrix’s Campaign Module and Campaign Setting in the Links section. Check it out.