Popping them updates like candy. Probably the last one for a little while.

Race Updates

  • Garif: Added Keen Senses racial trait.
  • Mandragora: Added a couple of alternate racial traits.
  • Moogle: Added an alternate racial trait for Moogles as suggested by Spazhero from the Discord: Kupo-Recovery: For some moogles, the promise of a kupo-nut is enough to push them beyond their normal limits. If a moogle with this racial trait is dying, and a creature gives you a taste of a kupo-nut (a standard action for an adjacent creature), you immediately stabilize. This racial trait replaces handy.
  • Shindroid: Added a couple of alternate racial traits. Deleted Empathy racial feat.
  • Viera: Removed their weakness racial trait.

Class Updates

  • Gambler: Renamed Gambler Tricks to Gambler Gambits.

Archetype Updates or New Archetypes

  • Cardinal (Cleric archetype): While a cleric’s faith is her highest priority, her church may wield significant political power in some regions. In these cases, cardinals arise from the ranks of the clergy, engaging in the game of intrigue on behalf of their churches. While some cardinals manage to join the world of politics and retain the purity of their faith, many cardinals find that they must compromise some part of their beliefs in pursuit of their church’s political power, and some cardinals even fall prey to the corrupting influence of their power.
  • Exorcist (Cleric archetype): The exorcist travels far and wide to root out possessions, hauntings, and hidden evils. The exorcist extracts unruly spirits from not only victims of possession, but also haunted sites and accursed items.
  • Festivalist (Thief archetype): Festivalists train their miniature minions to perform acts of larceny and often hide their true talents behind theatrical sideshows.
  • Kaiser (Geomancer archetype): A kaiser is a geomancer who has crafted powerful bonds of trust and friendship with one ally from each of the four primary elemental planes. Kaisers are similar to genie-binders.
  • Salve-Maker (Medic archetype): A salve-maker is a student of medicine, massage, acupuncture, and aromas, whose skills are built through a lifetime of study and generations of experimentation. Whether aiding armies in the field, healing an adventuring party, or serving a mercenary organization, a salve-maker is a welcome addition to any group that lives by the sword and hopes to escape death for one more day.
  • Servant Conjurer (Summoner archetype): These summoners summon a heroic spirit from the past instead of an avatar.
  • Skylancer (Dragoon archetype): Updated with suggested changes by LuciriniaZ3d from the Discord.
  • Tranquil Guardian (Holy Knight archetype): Changed racial requirement from Ronso to Garif. Fits them better, thematically.


  • Major change to MP expenditure: The maximum MP a spellcaster can spend on spells/songs using feats is equal to the highest spell/song level they can cast/perform. (I.E. A 10th level Black Mage can spend up to 5 MP on a single spell.) Previously, it was half caster level, rounded up.
  • Restore spell now restores stamina points equal to 5 + target’s Con mod.
  • Restora spell restores all stamina points.
  • Added a Death Ward spell for necromancers and white mages.


  • Added Extra Mystic Dance feat and 2 Tonkin Racial Feats: Advanced Telepathy (Increases limited telepathy range to 60 feet) and Telepathic Spellcaster (Allows the tonkin to cast spells without needing verbal components as long as the target is within your telepathy range)


  • Added new alchemical items:
    Silver Apple (Tier 1): restores stamina points equal to 5 + target’s Con mod. 100 gil
    Golden Apple (Tier 3): restores all stamina points. 1,500 gil
  • Added Miscellaneous Items tab to the Magical Items page: Sleeping Bags, Tents, Cottages, and Malboro Cigarettes.
  • Changed Buster Sword’s stats and price.
  • Added 43 Race Traits.