Added a few more… questionable archetypes and some other stuff.


  • Antica (Beast Tribe race): Removed speech, added Limited Telepathy. Added a new racial Chocobo Knight archetype (Antrider).
  • Yagudo (Beast Tribe race): Modified Swordmaster into a racial Yagudo Fencer archetype.

Prestige Classes

  • Lucian Knight (Prestige Class): Renamed to Crownsguard. Mark ability was changed.
  • SeeD Operative (Prestige Class): Made some slight changes to the abilities. Error fixes and word correcting mostly. Junction ability now state they cost a stocked spell. Para magic is the term used for magic and caster level is now noted for SeeDs.


  • Agent of Inquiry (Bard archetype): Can now use light armor with Gentlemen’s Hustle ability without penalty.
  • Antrider (new Antica Chocobo Knight archetype): The antica often produce their own answer to mounted combat, riding large ants into war.
  • Bombardier (Engineer archetype): Replaced Support Droid with Chemist Discoveries.
  • Dimensional Hopper (new Time Mage archetype): Dimensional hoppers discover and travel to all the secret places of both the mortal and immortal spheres, which often puts them at odds with authorities. Many find work as messengers, heralds, envoys, runners, couriers, dispatch riders, and emissaries the world over.
  • Gun Mage (Blue Mage archetype): Removed Dancing, Defending, and Vicious from the Mage Bullets ability and added Allying, Designating (Lesser and Greater), and Huntsman.
  • Magitek Operator (Engineer archetype): Renamed to Ironman, reduced the size of the Power Armor to Medium, gave it Energy Blasts, and the ability to fly.
  • Princess (Bard archetype): Added to appease the masses.
  • Raging Hulk (new Chemist archetype): These chemists have found a way to mutate their forms into a raging hulking beast, eschewing the knowledge of bombs and alchemical items for raw ferocity and anger.
  • Shield Champion (new Fighter archetype): A shield champion focuses on both offense and defense, blending weapon and shield in perfect balance to impede his enemies while delivering deadly blows, and even turning the shield itself into a formidable ranged weapon.
  • Shinobi (Ninja archetype): Added new Mudra ninjutsus and a capstone ability.
  • Speedster (new Time Mage archetype): Every speedster is unique. Some develop specific powers early and build them up over time to be better than others with them. Others take a more general approach, gaining flexibility and versatility in many different situations. One thing remains constant, however. All speedsters yearn to be the fastest there is.
  • Swordmaster (Yagudo Fencer archetype): Was changed into a racial Fencer archetype for Yagudo.
  • Webslinger (new Ninja archetype): Webslingers are ninjas who intentionally emulate the abilities and styles of spiders. Many believe themselves to be actually descended from giant spiders, while others simply taken spiders as a clan totem, or bitten by radioactive spiders that grant them their powers.


  • Added the Web spell (2nd level) to the Summoner’s spell list.
  • Modified Float to ignore difficult terrain.
  • Moved Floatga from 3rd level to 4th level.
  • Added the Permafrost (5th level) and Ragnarok (5th level) spells to the Blue Mage’s spell list.


  • Added Fenrir, courtesy of Phobophobian and Flintwyrm from Discord.

Magical Items

  • Ribbon: Changed slightly, makes wearer immune to magical negative status effects except Doom and Stop up to 6th level spells.
  • Super Ribbon: Changed slightly, makes wearer immune to magical negative status effects of any level.
  • Added more alchemical items (courtesy of Napaztrix from Discord) and made changes to 99% of all the items, increasing the cost. Added new rules for crafting alchemical items as well.