New Hybrid Class, new archetypes for it, and some other changes! Enjoy.


  • Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Removed Bonus Combat Feats class feature and added Martial Art Talents (2nd). Moved AC Bonus to 3rd from 4th and buffed it a little.
  • Gunbreaker (new Hybrid Class): Fast, deadly and explosive. The gunbreaker is a warrior who jumps into the fray to protect his allies while utilizing the special gun arms, to break through enemy lines with their explosive blades or fire from range while protecting the back lines. Most gunbreakers are high ranking officers or guardians of an aristocratic, as the exotic and powerful nature of the gun arms is awed by many. – Gunbreaker, archetypes, and gun arms was created by Kayos (Wife from Discord). He did an amazing amount of work.


  • Belmont (Cleric archetype): Added Vampire Hunter (1st), replacing Spell Proficiency.
  • Bullet Hand (new Gunbreaker archetype): Warriors who wield a pair of gunbaghnakhs usually becomes mercenaries or thugs, hiding their gun arms up their sleeves when the time is right. When they fight, it almost seems as if their hands fire bullets.
  • Crescent Warrior (new Gunbreaker archetype): The wutai unit known as the crescent unit works in espionage and fighting those who defile their land. Wielding gunhalberds, they barrage their foes with fire and jump on them when they get too close to their land.
  • Crimsonbreaker (new Gunbreaker archetype): These gun arm wielders specialize in using the double-bladed gunblades, attacking with a flurry of crimson swings and firing from range on unsuspecting foes.
  • Guardian Corps (new Gunbreaker archetype): Within their assigned jurisdictions, the soldiers of the Guardian Corps fulfill the role of police officers and protectors, working to eliminate all manner of criminal activity as well as rampaging wildlife. They use assault gunblades to be well in both melee and ranged combat able to fulfill any role.
  • Gunstriker (new Gunbreaker archetype): These warriors specialize in using gun arms in melee utilizing the trigger attack function of the gun arm. They rip and tear through the battlefield with an explosive relentless force
  • Gunzerker (new Gunbreaker archetype): In the midst of battle, the raging howls of the gunzerker is heard as his bloody gun arm cuts and blasts through his foes. These mad dogs wield gun arms, usually becoming pirates and other criminals, loving to be in places where they can freely let loose and go wild on their foes.
  • Knife Master (Tonkin Thief archetype): Added Chef’s Knife (20th), replacing Master Strike.
  • Legionnaire (new Gunbreaker archetype): Officers of the garlean empire employ the use of magitek gunblades as a badge of honor and service to the empire. Those who wield these weapons are feared and respected among all ranks and to lose it would be to lose their badge of authority.
  • Mystic (Astrologian archetype): Increased BAB/HD by 1 step, loses access to 7th-9th level spells and have a lower base MP pool.
  • Shieldbreaker (new Gunbreaker archetype): Protectors of the weak, the shieldbreaker wields a gunshield to protect his allies. Usually coming up as valiant warriors, they aim to safeguard those who need their shield and lay down the fire before anyone can reach them.
  • Sorceress Knight (new Gunbreaker archetype): Mages and healers have always found themselves at the end of conflict, be it by their own design or from those who wish to end their lives quickly due to their role on the battlefield or in politics. These mages employ a special guard to help protect them known as Sorceress Knights. While female mages are more often the employers of such warriors, its not uncommon for men to also employ their protectors.


  • Added the following class feats: Extra Gunbreaker Talent, Extra Gun Arm Technique, Extra Martial Art Talent.


  • Added Gun Arms under the Equipment section.