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Superpower (Power)


Cost varies
Activate 1 PP per +4 to ability; move action
Sustain 1 PP per +4 to ability per round
Range self; Power Resistance no


The superhero can increase his ability scores for short periods of time. The cost of this power depends on how many different abilities the superhero can Boost and how much he can Boost them by. Physical abilities are Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. Mental abilities are Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The superhero can Boost abilities up to the total number of points he purchases. For example, if the superhero has a total of +8 to All Physical, he can Boost his Strength by +6 and Dexterity by +2, or just his Constitution by +8. The superhero can also rearrange his Boosted attributes while the power is active. Boosting requires a move action, as does rearranging his points.


Number of Abilities Boosted

JP Cost

One Ability

1 JP per +2

All Physical

1 JP per +1

All Mental

1 JP per +1


The activate and sustain costs for this power are 1 PP per 4 points the superhero Boosts (round fractions up). The superhero does not have to use the maximum number of points possible if he wants to conserve his PPs. These points drop back to normal after the Boost ends, at which point the superhero loses all his bonuses. If doing so reduces his HPs to 0 or lower, or lowers his maximum HPs below his current non-lethal damage, then the superhero falls unconscious, as he normally would.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Reduced Drain (Cost: 2 JP): Activating and sustaining his Boosted scores now costs half, 1 PP per +8 to his ability or abilities.
  • Enhancement: Swift Action Activation (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero can Boost or adjust his scores as a swift action.
  • Limitation: Extra Drain (Value: 1 JP per two points): Activating and sustaining his Boosted scores now costs double, 1 PP per +1 to his ability or abilities.
  • Limitation: Fatigue (Value: 1 JP per two points): The superhero cannot rearrange his Boost, only activate or cancel it. When the superhero ends a Boost, he crashes. Reduce all ability scores the superhero Boosted by half as much as he Boosted them and for the same amount of time (in rounds and/or minutes). For example, his Strength and Constitution scores were 20, and he Boosted them by +4 for 6 rounds. When the superhero cancels his Boost, both scores are -2 for 6 rounds. During this period, the superhero is fatigued and cannot use the Boost power again at all, until his crash duration ends.
  • Limitation: Maximum Power (Value: 2 JP): The superhero must always use his maximum Boost bonus when he activates this power. Prerequisite: The superhero must have an Ability Boost of at least +4 total to gain credit from this limitation.