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Superpower (Trait)


Cost: 1 JP per level


The superhero can jump amazing distances. For every level of this power, the superhero adds a +10 competence bonus to all Acrobatics check to jump and ignores 50 feet worth of falling damage if and when he takes a fall. Thus, the superhero would calculate a fall of 100 feet as a fall of only 50 feet.

Enhancements and limitations
  • Enhancement: Catfalling (Cost: 2 JP): If and when the superhero takes a fall, he ignores an additional 50 feet for the purposes of calculating damage. The superhero can take this enhancement multiple times. It stacks with the 50 feet of falling distance granted by Amazing Leap.
  • Enhancement: Seven-League Leap (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero can move overland by using extremely long jumps. Each jump is 50 feet long, multiplied by the result of his Acrobatics check. This includes his Amazing Leap bonus, and he can Take 10. The maximum height the superhero achieves during each jump is a number of feet equal to the result of his Acrobatics check to jump. This form of movement is no faster than his normal running speed, but he can ignore terrain modifiers to movement, assuming he can move through the terrain by jumping (i.e., this does not work in a forest, unless the superhero can leap clean over it in a single jump). Using this ability requires a 600 feet running start. The superhero can continue jumping in a straight line without having to roll again, but changing direction requires a new running start. If the superhero doesn’t have enough room to run 600 feet in a straight line, he cannot use this ability. The superhero can continue jumping at this rate for a number of hours equal to his Constitution modifier.
  • Enhancement: Wall Spring (Cost: 2 JP): The superhero can leap toward any wall and make a second leap off of that wall, springing upwards and away from the first wall. The superhero can string as many Wall Springs together as he has surfaces to spring from. A “wall,” for the purpose of this description, includes any solid, more-or-less vertical surface upon which his feet can find sufficient purchase. A wall of ice would be too slippery, for example, but the concrete side of a building would be perfect. Each spring requires an Acrobatics check. Calculate these checks as if the superhero were making a running high jump. For every 5 feet of jumping distance (vertical), the superhero also moves 2 feet laterally. When the superhero reaches the apex of his spring, as dictated by his Acrobatics check, he begins to fall, again moving 2 feet laterally for every 5 feet vertically.
  • Limitation: Power (Value: 1 JP per 2 levels): Activate: 1 PP per level; use-activated (jumping). Sustain: none (instantaneous). His Amazing Leap is a power.